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System requirements.

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Users often ask this about VPN software for Android.

  • How do you download VPN on your Android phone?

    1. 1. Get it on Google Play
    2. 2. Create a Clario account. This will start your free 7-day trial.
    3. 3. Go to Browsing > Browsing protection, then toggle VPN on. Now you can surf the web anonymously as your location stays hidden.
    4. 4. Turn Auto VPN on in Network > Public Wi-Fi security. Now Clario’s VPN service is securing your network whenever you connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Are free Android VPNs safe?

    Not really. Keep in mind that free mobile VPN clients are known for tracking your data and triggering annoying ads. What’s more, users of free VPN apps on Android often complain about slower connection speeds and more CAPTCHA requests. Read why free VPNs aren't as safe and you want them to be.

  • Does a VPN really hide your identity?

    Essentially, VPN acts as a middleman between your device and the internet to help your phone connect to a remote server. This hides your IP address and other identifying information from your ISP (internet service provider) and search engines.

  • Does a VPN protect you from hackers?

    Yes and no. Yes, VPN encryption adds extra web protection. Hackers simply can’t intercept the data you share online if you’re sending them via virtual servers located miles away from your real location. This means, VPN helps prevent MITM, DDos attacks, and remote hacking via your IP address. However, a VPN won’t protect you from phishing emails or scam websites. These are intended to trick you into action regardless of the network you use.

Time to download VPN on your Android phone.

Unlimited bandwidth. Strict no-log policy. Public Wi-Fi protection. Clario’s got the very best of a VPN client, give it a try.

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