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Some apps love snooping. Clario loves removing nasty spyware from your Android phone, but we don’t stop there.

Spyware scan
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Powerful antivirus complements your
spyware protection.

Unlimited VPN hides your browsing
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monitors for stolen
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Expert help with online security
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Instagram account
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Clario runs across Mac, mobile, web, and goes far beyond just spyware removal. Take a look.

System requirements.

Is your phone running Android 7 or higher? If so, then great, you don’t need anything else. Your mobile is all set for Clario.

Key things to know about spyware scanners.

  • How to scan my phone for spyware?

    Spying apps work discreetly, so they’ll never announce that they’re snooping on you. You’ll need to download Clario to find spyware on your Android phone. Start your free 7 day trial by going to Device > Spyware Detector > Start scan - and that’s it!

  • What are the symptoms of spyware?

    First, your phone starts running slower than usual. If you also notice faster battery draining, strange notifications, increased data usage, or unknown apps you don’t remember installing, chances are you need help from some good spyware protection.

  • Is spyware dangerous?

    It is. Android spyware can be disguised as a system update or an innocent health app. You can install them thinking this will be good for your phone while those apps are actually siphoning out info about you and silently sending it to another device. You have no idea that you’re being spied on. The worst is that this stolen data might potentially lead to fraud or ID theft.

  • What is the difference between malware and spyware?

    Malware, or malicious software, means any files or apps designed to harm your device. Spyware is a type of malware that steals your data without damaging anything. It’s a good idea to check your apps with a spyware remover, especially if you have more than 50 installed.

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