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Got some questions? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because
here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

  1. 1. Download and install
    • How do I install Clario?
      Here’s how to install Clario on your Mac:
      1. Go to your mailbox
      2. Open the welcome email from Clario
      3. Click the download link
      4. Open Clario from the Downloads folder
      5. Double-click the downloaded file
      6. Follow the on-screen instructions

      Remember, you can install the Clario mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

    • How do I reinstall Clario?

      If you’ve removed Clario from your Mac or smartphone, you can always install it again in the Devices section from your Clario account or with help from our support agents.

  2. 2. Get started
    • How do I create my Clario account?
      There are different ways. You can create your account while subscribing on the Clario website, on the Clario account page, or in the Clario Mac app. Wherever you create an account, the instructions are pretty much the same:
      1. Read our Privacy Policy and EULA, then click Next if you’re happy
      2. Tell us how we should address you, then click Next
      3. Type in your email address, click Next and create your account password.
      4. That’s it! Your Clario account is ready.
    • What kind of personal data is needed to create an account?

      You just need to enter your name, a valid email address and create a strong password to set up your Clario account. That’s it!

    • How do I log in to Clario?
      1. Open Clario
      2. Click the Log in
      3. Enter your email and Clario account password
      4. Hit Next and you’ll get logged in!
    • What if I don’t remember my Clario password?
      Don’t worry! This happens all the time. Just follow these simple steps to set up a new password:
      1. Click Forgot Password on the Clario login screen
      2. Enter your email address, then click Send Code
      3. Check your mailbox for the latest Clario email
      4. Copy the verification code, paste it into Clario and hit Next
      5. Enter your new password and hit Next again
    • Create a new password with at least one uppercase character, one lowercase character and one numerical digit. Make sure your password is as strong as possible. I know you’re always told to (!), especially by us, but it really does help keep you safe online.

    • What exactly is Clario personalization?
      Clario’s personalization service helps us provide recommendations tailored to your individual digital security concerns around six key areas:
      1. Identity
      2. Browsing
      3. Device
      4. Money
      5. Network
      6. Data
    • Each time we ask you about your concerns, you set up protection around each of these areas based on your individual needs.

    • Do I need to set up personalization settings every time I log in to Clario?

      No. Clario shows you personalized recommendations based on your main concerns. These are selected when you first set up your Clario account. Next time you log in to the application, you’ll see your dashboard and there’ll be no need to go through the personalization steps again.

    • What if I skip the personalization part?

      Although we recommend doing this during setup, if you’re short on time, feel free to hit Skip. Please remember you won’t be able to select your digital concerns after your next login.

  3. 3. Can’t log into the Clario app
    • If you run into a problem and can’t log into the Clario app or into your account at account.clario.co, then just contact a support agent. You can do this via Clario chat in the app or you can start a chat on the Clario website. We’ll be happy to help resolve your issue. You’ll only need to have the email that you entered during your purchase. If you can’t remember which email you used with Clario, you should be able to find a Clario invoice in the inbox of the email address you used to purchase Clario.

  4. 4. Clario features
    • Identity protection area

      What's a data breach?
      A data breach occurs when any password you use to log in to your online accounts becomes publicly available. This might be a password to your account for a social media website like Facebook, a password to your email inbox, or any other online accounts you use. If someone else gets hold of these personal credentials leaked in a data breach, they can then use your online accounts to impersonate you, potentially resulting in identity theft. Clario is here to help you spot and fix these data breaches.
    • How do I scan my email for data breaches?
      1. Select the Identity area on your dashboard
      2. Add your email address if you haven’t done it yet. Enter your email address and hit Add email
      3. Wait until we scan your email for data leaks
      4. Click Done if no data leaks have been detected.
    • What if my credentials were found in a data breach?
      If your email was found in a data breach, here are some steps you should take to resolve this. Remember, we’re here to support you so feel free to get in touch whenever you like:
      1. Hit Get verification code
      2. Go to your mailbox and find the email from Clario with the code
      3. Copy this code, paste into Clario and click Verify email
      4. You’ll see a list of services where your account data was leaked
      5. Click the Review Breaches button and go through each data breach manually
      6. Change your leaked passwords by clicking the Open Website button from the breach list
      7. Once you changed your password, hit the Mark as fixed button next to the breach
    • What does the Combo List in my Clario Breach monitor mean?

      The Combo List is a massive database of email addresses and password pairs illegally obtained from various online systems. You won’t be able to see or open them but you can check if your password was breached by clicking Show details. If your address and password do show up on a Combo List collection, we recommend you change the password associated with your email inbox.

    • How many emails can I check for breaches?

      There’s no limit. You can add as many email accounts as you wish and we’ll monitor them all for security breaches.

    • Do I need to scan my email for breaches or will you do it for me?

      Once you add and verify your email, Clario will automatically monitor it to make sure your credentials don’t appear in a data breach.

    • What about my family members? Can I add their emails too?

      Sure, you can monitor as many emails as you want.

    • How do you check my accounts for breaches?

      We monitor massive amounts of data breach sources on the dark web as well as open sources to find the latest data breaches. Data breach info can include passwords for your online accounts.

      Once you add your email address to Clario. we’ll compare it with all the other addresses to appear when the data breach occurred. This helps us understand if your identity has been compromised.

    • How do I remove an email address from the data breach monitor?
      1. Open the Identity area from Clario dashboard
      2. Click Online accounts and select Data breach monitor
      3. Select the email you’d like to remove
      4. Click the trash bin icon in the top-right corner of the screen
      5. Click Remove to confirm, then hit Done
    • Browsing protection area

      What is VPN?

      Virtual Private Network (VPN) works like a wall between you and your internet provider. It secures your connection and masks your online location so you browse the web privately and anonymously. Many Clario areas include VPN so your data stays secure.

    • How do I turn Clario VPN on or off?
      1. Open the Clario app: click Finder in your Dock panel, open the Applications folder on the left sidebar and double-click on the Clario icon
      2. From the Clario dashboard, go to Browsing > Browsing location > Location restrictions. You'll see the window with a secure connection status.
      3. Click the Connect or Disconnect button at the bottom of the screen
    • Why can’t I use some of my sites when VPN is on?

      Chances are some websites and services may not be accessible if the VPN is on. For instance, users from different countries may see different prices on the same website. These types of techniques are known as 'dynamic pricing'. As a result, many streaming services and online shops have extra protections in place against VPN services. They can detect your VPN and block the web page until you turn it off.

    • Device protection area

      How can Clario protect my device from malware?

      We install anti-malware when setting Clario up. When it’s on, it protects your devices, files, browsing activity and your online banking accounts from cybercriminals. We’ll automatically block malicious apps from harming your files and monitor for unauthorized app access.

      Even more importantly, Clario protects you from malware, viruses and adware in real time. So you’ll stay secure when downloading anything, installing a new app, or shopping online.

    • How long does it take to scan my system for malware?

      You’ll need to wait for a short time as we scan your entire system and files. The period of time depends on how many files you have. But if you want to make sure your Mac is safe and secure, it’s worth waiting until the scan is over.

    • What to do if malware was found on my Mac?

      We automatically place any threats we find in a special space isolated from the rest of your Mac (quarantine, in other words). This way, the potentially malicious file can’t affect anything. To see the list of threats found, open your Clario dashboard and go to Device > System security > Anti-malware.

      We recommend you review all the found threats. You then decide what to do with them - restore, delete, or review these threats together with your Clario expert. If we’ve marked your personal files as a threat, we recommend you keep them in quarantine or safely delete them.

    • Can I scan external drives for malware?

      Yes, you can. Here’s how to do that:

      1. Connect an external drive to your Mac
      2. Open Clario
      3. Select the Device area and go to System security
      4. Hit the Anti-malware box
      5. Press the Custom Scan box and add the external drive. You can scan a file, folder, several folders, or the entire drive - just select the relevant checkboxes.
      6. Click Start scan and wait until it’s completed. This shouldn’t take long.
      7. If we find threats, you can select the checkboxes for them and hit Delete in the top-right corner
  5. 5. Clario browser extension
    • What is the Clario extension?

      Clario browser extension works in your Chrome or Safari browser to help you browse securely without fear of being targeted by cybercriminals. It blocks tracking requests on any websites you visit as well as the annoying ads you happen to see there. Plus, the latest Clario extension for Chrome also spots unsafe websites before you open them - even in your search results.

    • How to install the Clario extension?

      Just open Clario and go to Browsing > Web activity, then hit Next. Then, select whether you’d like to get an extension for Safari or Chrome and follow the on-screen instructions.

      You can install the Clario extension for Safari 10.x. or later and Google Chrome 65 or later.

    • How do I disable ad blocking for a specific website?

      Safari: To allow ads on a specific website, please click the Clario icon in the top bar, select Ads to block and switch the toggle off so it becomes gray.

      Chrome: To allow ads on a specific website, please click the extension icon in the top-right corner, select We've blocked X ads and switch the On for this website toggle off so it becomes gray. Then hit Refresh to see changes.

    • How do I disable anti-tracking for a specific website?

      Safari: Click on our extension at the top of your Safari window. Then click Trackers blocked (the last one) and switch the toggle off so it becomes gray.

      Chrome: Click the extension icon in the top-right corner, select We've stopped X trackers and switch the On for this website toggle off so it becomes gray. Then hit Refresh to see changes.

    • How do I add a website to the whitelist?

      This option is only available for Google Chrome. So, if you feel like you can trust thet website, we won't check the URL if you notify us about its status. To do so, open the particular website you trust and:

      1. Hit the Clario extension icon in the top-right corner of Chrome
      2. Click the Trust this website option at the bottom
      3. Hit Refresh to see changes

      The Safe browsing feature will be turned off for this website.

    • Why can’t I visit some of my websites when the extension is on?

      Some websites might ask you to disable our extension to display their content. This happens as many websites earn money by showing you ads. This is not necessarily bad, it’s a way for the website to monetize content to exist and allow you to use it. If this is a website you regularly visit, you can turn off our extension and keep on reading your favorite content. The choice is totally yours.

  6. 6. Subscription
    • What’s the price for Clario? How much does Clario cost?

      You’ll need a subscription to use Clario. This covers up to three devices. This way, you can use Clario on your Mac, iPhone, and Android phone with the same subscription. Our prices start at $15/month unless there’s a special offer or discount available. Please head here to check current pricing.

    • How to manage my subscription?

      Just use your Clario account - head to account.clario.co, then log in with the same credentials you use to enter Clario on your Mac. Now go to the Subscription section. Here you'll find details of your subscription coverage, next billing date, as well as the number of devices your plan covers.

  7. 7. Clario service
    • What is the Clario service all about?

      We have integrated a friendly human service into the app. This means you can ask any security-related questions 24/7 to our dedicated support team. If you have queries about our features, settings, or anything concerning your security, then we’re here for you. Our security experts can even assist you via remote connection. It's your human right to stay private and secure online. We want to make sure you can.

    • How to contact the service team?

      You can contact us through:

      1. Clario Mac app: just click the little chat icon in the top-right corner to start a live chat with your personal security expert
      2. Clario mobile app: tap the Hey! How can we help? box at the bottom and start a live chat with your expert
      3. Email: feel free to email us at [email protected]
      4. Website: click the violet chat icon in the bottom-right corner to start chat

      However you connect, we’re ready to give you support 24/7.

    • Who are you?

      We are Clario. We protect your digital life. We’ll safeguard you against online threats, money loss, personal information and online identity breaches. Our 600+ security experts work along with an intuitive Clario app and are ready to help you 24/7. Clario provides a personalized experience by providing recommendations and actions based on your needs and individual security profile. Together, we can connect safely and live freely.

  8. 8. Troubleshoot
    • What if the installer file won’t open?

      If the Clario installer file won’t open, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Next, click the lock sign at the bottom, enter your admin password, and click Open Anyway. If you need help, feel free to contact our customer support. We are here for you 24/7.

    • How to install the helper tool?

      As you’re configuring your protection, Clario might ask to install additional helper tools. They help enable services like real-time malware protection to make things way safer when browsing online. So, if you want better protection, install helper tools by entering your Mac password to allow the installation. If you need help, feel free to contact our customer support.

    • What if I skip installing the helper?

      If you didn’t provide necessary permissions, Clario will show this on the dashboard. This means you can install the helper later. But these permissions are crucial to get full protection working.

    • How do I give Clario full disk access?
      1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy
      2. Click the lock sign at the bottom
      3. Enter your Mac admin password
      4. Select Full Disk Access from the left panel
      5. Click the '+' sign and select Clario from the list
      6. Hit Quit Now to restart Clario
      7. Done! Now Clario has full disk access.

      Need help? Our customer support is here for you 24/7.

  9. 9. Uninstall Clario
    • How do I uninstall Clario from my iPhone?

      Before you do, we’d appreciate it if you contacted us to see if there’s anything we can do to help.

      But, if you’re sure you want to uninstall Clario from your iPhone, it’s simple:

      1. Touch and hold the Clario app on the Home screen
      2. Tap Edit Home Screen. Your apps will begin to jiggle
      3. Tap the X in the top-left corner of the Clario icon, then tap Delete
      4. Tap Done (on Phone X and later models) or press the Home button (other models)
    • How do I uninstall Clario from my Android phone?

      We’re sorry to see you go. If there’s any way we can help, just get in touch. To uninstall Clario from your phone, just follow these simple steps:

      1. Touch and hold the Clario icon on the main screen
      2. Tap the Information button next to the Clario icon or drag and drop the icon to the X sign at the top of your screen
      3. If prompted, tap Delete or Uninstall to confirm
    • How do I uninstall Clario from my Mac?

      We’re sorry to see you go. But if you’ve decided you no longer want to use Clario, here’s how to easily uninstall it right from the Clario app:

      1. Open Clario
      2. Go to the menu bar at the top of your screen
      3. Go to Help > Uninstall Clario
      4. Click Yes in the system window to confirm
      5. Enter your Mac password to remove Clario leftovers and click OK
      6. That’s it! Clario is gone from your Mac but always feel free to come back!
    • The method makes sure there are no traces of Clario left on your device after the app has been deleted. We don’t recommend using the classic method of removing Clario by dragging it to Trash (called Bin in the latest macOS) as this won’t completely remove everything or the system extension.

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